Know what to do when your siding is damaged by storms

Know what to do when your siding is damaged by storms

Some pretty nasty storms can move through Northwest Ohio and Southeast Michigan throughout the year. Unfortunately, some of those storms can cause serious damage to the siding on your home.

When a storm damages your siding, it’s important to know the steps you need to take to have it replaced. You should also start the replacement process right away since your siding is the outer barrier of your home. If another storm were to move through, your home could suffer even more damage.


After the storm

Before you file an insurance claim, give Ohio Roofing & Siding a call to come out and evaluate your situation. Our sales representatives will work with your insurance company agency if repairs are needed, so contact us first to see if your siding needs replaced.

After you get an estimate from us, contact your insurance agent and see if an adjuster is needed to come out and handle the claim.


Know your insurance policy

Make sure you understand your insurance policy and know everything it covers. Many policies have an endorsement, which means if you’re unable to find matching siding, you can have your entire home resided even if only one side has damage.

Supplemental claims may also cover the cost of residing your entire home, but make sure you get it approved first. Otherwise, you may get stuck covering part of the cost.


Siding options

Most of today’s homes have vinyl siding because it is much cheaper than aluminum siding. When you file a claim, make sure it is noted what type of siding was damaged. Your insurance company must cover the cost to replace the type of siding that was damaged. For example, if you had aluminum siding, they must cover the cost to replace aluminum siding. But if you had vinyl siding and want to move up to aluminum, they only have to cover the cost of the vinyl siding.

If you’re siding has been damaged by a storm, give Ohio Roofing & Siding a call at 419-531-4605 to have one of our siding experts come out and examine your siding.

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