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Neglecting roof repairs can have a major impact on your home your business. Even a problem as small as repairing a damaged shingle can have costly consequences if you ignore the problem for too long.

Ohio Roofing and Siding has outlined some of the problems you may encounter if you fail to inspect your roof and repair problematic areas.

Short-term problems

Leaks Leaks are one of the first things people notice if they neglect their roof for too long. It’s important to know that small leaks can quickly turn into big leak – and a big problem.

Higher Energy Bills The same holes that cause leaks also force you to spend more on your heating and cooling bills. You’d repair your widow (or at least cover it with plastic) if there was a hole in, why wouldn’t you repair your roof?

Mold Wet insulation, wet roof layers and clogged gutters can easily lead to mold growth.

Pests Ignoring your roof means easy access for animals and pests to enter your home. These varmints can then cause serious damage inside your home. In some cases, they can even damage wiring that could cause a fire.

Long-term problems

Water Damage A prolonged leak in your roof can lead to major damage inside your home. Your ceiling may begin to sag or collapse due to the added water weight and mold can also easily grow in these conditions and pose a serious health risk to you and your family.

Decreased Property Value If you’re looking to sell your home, you’ll probably have a difficult time if your roof needs to be repaired or replaced.

Higher Repair Costs Not keeping up with repairs can quickly lead to bigger – and more expensive – repairs. Even though you may not want to front the money for a small repair, it will end up being much cheaper in the long run.

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