When you choose the type of siding you want on your house, you’re really making two decisions: What will the outer protection of your home be made of and how well will it look.

In today’s world, the two most popular types of siding are vinyl and fiber-cement. If you’re trying to decide which of these will work best for your home, Ohio Roofing & Siding has compiled this list of comparisons for you to consider.


Vinyl siding is primarily composed of the durable plastic PVC. This siding is attached to your home so it has room to expand and contract with changing temperatures.

Fiber cement is made from a combination of wood pulp and Portland cement. This material comes in the form of long boards or shingles and is nailed directly onto your home.


Both materials are considered incredibly durable, but many people go with vinyl siding because it repels water better and is less likely to be chipped or cracked.


Vinyl siding has a variety of decorative patterns that can meet the needs of historic homes and modern homes alike. This siding is available in a variety of styles including shingles and plank looks, and is often ordered with a grain-finished surface to look like real wood.

Fiber-cement can be produced in the form of long plank board as well as half-round, staggered and square shaped shingles. Since this surface can be stained, it is possible to change the color of fiber-cement without having to replace the siding.


This is one category where there is little comparison since all you have to do for vinyl siding is spray it off with a hose occasionally and use some soapy water to have your siding looking great.

On the other hand, fiber-cement will fade over time and needs to be caulked and painted when it is installed.

Energy Efficient

While both of these materials are great at protecting your home, neither material provides much in terms of insulation. The only form of insulation that comes with either product is an insulated version of vinyl siding, which is accomplished by applying a layer of foam between the siding and the home.

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